Sunday, November 30, 2008

Watermelon Shoebox

I found this on themodelershaven built by user Customizer Ron. This thing is just right! Beautiful build, great paint choices and opening doors! I looked at all the builds he posted and I hope he joins TRaK if he isn't already a member...

'31 Ford way cool!

I would really like to see more pics of this car! Anyone?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

SMC Show & Shine November 28- December 5th

Go enter! It's just for fun, no contest....just lot's of serious detail and clean builds!

'51 Chevy 2nd Chance

As previously posted, here is the car back at home with me! This was built back in late 2003 and sold on eBay in 2005. When I got a chance to get it back and do "better" on it than back then, I took it! The plan is to sit low and it will depend on what the body looks like whether paint flies. The roof alone is bothering me with the mold lines still there, so that has to get done.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black and White

Some great old photos I saved from emails over time. Not sure who took them, but they deserve a pat on the back for sure!

I'm not a model builder

No matter how much I would like to be, I just can't do it. I really try to find something interesting in every single kit, no matter what year the car is or what type of kit it is. I have tried to understand model builders, but I am baffled....almost feel like something is wrong with me at times.
I see model builders and their builds and wonder if there is a secret society for them. Am I an outsider? A rebel? A nobody?
Sure....these model builders can do some pretty amazing things to their models. I have seen it! Believe me! Indianapolis 500 cars, NASCARS, the latest Mustang or Concept kit...for that matter ANYTHING that just came out.....these guys can build them and not even think about it. I think you know what I mean? The Nova kit that just came's like every model that just comes out and 50 are built and displayed before I can even open mine!
How do they do it? Is it about "innocence"? Does it take a VIRGIN modeler to just be happy building anything put in front of them? Maybe it takes a STUD to stick to what they really like and ignore the rest? I just wonder if it has anything to do with pure love of modeling or the subject matter as long as it's what they can relate to?
I gather model builders are into assembling models like a puzzle or solving a rubix cube. Model builders are GIANTS on a small scale assembley that right? Punch the numbers in and you get the answer like, put the glue on it and it will be definition, just a straight forward example of what the box said it would be. Satisfaction?
I am sorry I could not relate and be part of the modeling matrix. I could not understand model builders and what they do as if they are aliens from another planet....we don't speak the same language. Password?
I must stand among the masses and pretend to understand and smile. Say wow when one of them shows me their bone stock, factory stock, box stock model builder's model. Try to come up with a great story about a real stock version as if I am a gushy lover of a 1977 Plymouth Volare. Walk away feeling like a jerk and irritated. Faked him out huh? Find good in being fake? Should have said it's nice but I think '77 was a shitty year for Plymouth. No don't be that way, tell it like a model builder would. Say it's really sweet! Say how much of a man he is for getting the paint to lay down .....afterall it could have been all over something else right? Truth in model building could hurt to a model builder. I am not a model builder.

I am a modeler. I don't assemble models, I am not a giant nor a virgin. I don't get excited seeing 50 builds of the latest kit, all different colors. I like rainbows, but I can eat skittles if I wanted to see the same thing over and over in different colors. Imagination is my burden, it's my curse, it's what makes me a modeler and not a model builder. I have a gift! I can see something in every model that makes it different. Even if I think the model is poorly done I can find one good thing about it. Maybe I am half breed.....a modeler/model builder? I can't seem to be completely honest so I just shut up. Nobody wants to hear "your model is a peice of shit".....nope, that would hurt the hobby.....truth would by it'self. Hold the hobby, keep it close and near your heart. It's your lifeline, your majesty, your drug, your bitch too! Make it what you want, it's yours.
Model builders....keep building models so we modelers look busier.

Take this for what you will, but it's nothing more than random, honest thoughts I have had over the years.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Redneck Thanksgiving!

If Norman Rockwell was a redneck, this would have been his work...but it's not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Car Trivia

This was kinda fun, give it a try!

Friday, November 21, 2008

All Hopped Up

Got done with my second restoration of the AMT '25 Ford Model T Coupe. These kits are so cool! I am glad they are being reissued so I can build more for less money! (Shiney one is new finished)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lyle Willits does it again

There are models that just make you drool and this is one of them! Lyle just finished this and posted on TRaK, could not be MORE appropriate of a build! Lyle says this was an 11 month build "Revell body, hinged hood, '34 Ford louvers grafted into hood sides, '36 Ford lights on scratchbuilt brackets,posable wheels, '40 Ford backing plates with Buick finned drums. Up top modified from a '36 Ford. Chrome split wishbones with homemade mounts. Quick change rear, Model A buggy spring, homemade spring mounts. Photoetched wire wheels from Reps & Mins with chrome "V8" caps from Monogram woodie kit. Caddy engine. Very carefully chopped windshield with acetate "glass". Homemade fuel block with gauge. Fuel lines are surgical sutures. (My wife is a nurse.) Resin, stock '32 Ford firewall from Reps & Mins. Hood padding is painted masking tape. Modified resin '40 Ford dash from Reps & Mins. '40 Ford wheel from Revell kit. Carpet is painted embossing powder, ball-head pin for shifter. Hinge-mount mirror made from silver wire, running lights from tudor sedan kit, photoetched side curtain snaps. ( I kinda went nuts on some of the details)
and '51 Chevy tailights." I know I won't get tired of looking at this any time soon Lyle, nice work!

Cell Phones are tapped! MUST WATCH

'61 Ponchos

What happens when a friend shows something you really like too! I had to take a picture of the two '61 Bonnville's I have, one being a convertible and the other a hardtop. I wish I could keep up and build faster, but these will have to wait for another day.

Timeless Inspiration

If I could only paint like this. David Garcia is one of the best known builders of Lowriders and Customs on the West Coast. I used to buy LRB back in the day and see his cars in there a lot. Now with today's great internet, I run into him on LIL and TRaK as a member. He has built some of the most extreme replicas I have ever seen in 1/25 scale. All work is by masking and air brushing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My day was made

First of all the AMT '40 Ford Coupe has to be one of my favorite vintage issued kits. I like the box art a bunch and really I have never seen a 100% built box art model until today. Ron S. , a TRaK member built the car exactly like the old box art. This is not the easiest task ok....the kit was issued in 1960 I think. Decals would not be any good, so he had to have either made new ones himself or bought some after markets which are hard to find. No matter what, it's nice to see one built like this. (missing skirts, but who cares)
Another cool version of the car was on the side of the box. As shown is the side box art built by Dave Charlton. This stuff is really neat! Anyone can build a vintage kit..but I really dig seeing them done like this. Old school to the core!

Chance to redo

I built this car about 6 years ago.....damn time flies! I started to notice a signifigant difference in this build and newer builds in 2005. I decided I didn't want my cars to be on the shelf with all these "less worthy" ones. In 2005 I sold all of my builds on eBay to get rid of them and get a little cash. Now I know who has the car and we are working on a simple trade for me to get it back. It still looks the same minus the wheels! Well, I know exactly what paint I put on it and what it would take to IMPROVE the car. This time around, it will be completely "traditional" mild kustom. Back when I built this car, it just seemed cool to use these wheels..but today I can't stand them.
I will post again when it's time. Notice the poor photo quality taken on a borrowed camera because at the time I only had a 1MP Kodak Millenium Gold POS.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seeing double?

Lyle Willits posted on TRaK showing a 1:1 version of a '49 Merc wagon "what if" car and his own creation of the car in 1/25 scale. I thought that was neat. At the same time I was reading that post, I was going through some magazines I have here looking for inspiration. Ran across a '32 5window that looks almost exactly like the model I built! The 1:1 is a highboy , has different headers....but damn it looks close!

Continual Inspiration

Modelers like Bill Stillwagon always seem to keep the bar up there. I am not talking about the "detail bar". No , No... the COOLNESS BAR! Style, Execution and Imagination are all ingredients in a recipe for the WOW factor. Some of Bill's models he posted on TRaK.


Not just because it's mine......
TRaK aka Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale is the best forum around for keeping traditional standards alive in modeling hot rods and kustoms. Do you have a deep love for the old days? Does seeing an old Westergard kustom or maybe a Watts paint job turn you on? Imagine seeing this stuff in 1/25 scale on a daily basis! OH YEA! 632 members today have that same interest, so if you have not joined then get your butt in gear!

Void in my life

I have been going through old stuff from when I was a teenager. Some of the stuff has me stopped in my tracks. My best friend through Junior High and even after High School died at 23 years old. He was always there for me, though his parents were a bit stict. I was 16 in this photo laying in the hospital. Tony Pheiffer was the only one of my friends to come visit me. He came over to my house and kept me company while I was on bed rest for several months. Tony was even there for me when his life was in the hole. He had some problems nobody knew about. Multiple personalities was one of them. I won't go into great details, but he didn't die naturally. RIP Tony, I hope we can go skateboarding up there when it's my time!
Looking back at this stuff makes me somewhat depressed...I lost contact with so many friends that were so close to me.

The right color

Here is the second '25 T that I am restoring from a glue bomb. I just didn't like the first color, but after some debating and advice from friends at "Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale" , I was able to make up my mind. Thanks guys!
The color I didn't like was the Deep Jewell Green. Not only did I see some ugly blemishes that needed rescued, but the white top was TOO bright on that color. I am sticking with the Mystical Marroon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Atlanta Southern NNL

I was looking through some of ACME's photos on and saw this. I have seen the real car and this model is looking VERY nice! Who is building it? Leave a comment please! ACME fotki site

World of Wheels Omaha,NE

As always there is too much to see, but lot's to enjoy!