Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have always liked lowriders. I used to live the life, drove a few myself. I will always have some of it in me. This is the first lowrider I have had on my bench in a couple of years. I have no idea what it will look like, just messing around trying to get my juices flowing. Why not? AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sewing is good?

Sometimes I use stick pins of all sorts to make parts for my models. This example is one that was fun to do. the kit shifter was broken so i used a stick pin with the teardrop knob and stuck in dremel and shaped the shifter handle. bent the shaft and dremeled a boot , viola! *click photo to see it*
(ignore the floor and stuff, that all needs cleaned up...glue bomb rebuild here)

12 years today

My wife and I married on October 24, 1996. Today is our anniversary. We have been together since April of 1993. We have always been there for each other through the best and worst and will be for times to come. This is probably the newest photo of us with our daughter Anissa, from last year. (click on image to see) I can't imagine myself without her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't burn out....

Cuz you will end up miserable. If you let the model building hobby take over your life, it becomes a job and I don't like FOUR letter words anymore than the next guy. I spent the last 5 years nearly, bending over backwards for all of my friends and I have a LOT of them. I can only do so much these days though. I have a wife and child that are demanding more time than ever.
I am just offering the advice...just enjoy life as it comes, do what you can....but don't over extend yourself. Use today to think of your friends and what each of them has done for you, then ask yourself...."what can you do for them?". Seems I can't stop thinking that thought....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drag City Casting

Ed Fluck Jr. , owner of Drag City Casting does some of the nicest work around. Pictured is a 1963 Ford Galaxie sedan. The casting is always real crisp and clean. Ed doesn't keep casting from molds when they are getting worn out, so the product is always clean and very little flash. Aside the quality, you don't have to wait for longer than a week by mail! This body was only $25.00 and takes the AMT 1963 Ford Galaxie kit as a donor.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Praying Mantis

Check this thing out! I just saw this by my mail box. It's the biggest I have ever seen and first of only a few I have seen in brown.

Today's cost of Oil....

Has nothing to do with my photo. I used to buy and sell a lot of automobilia. These cans all went to the same guy from an eBay purchase. I had a case of each brand and more in 3gallon and 5 gallon cans. This stuff brought good money, Frontier oil in THIS condition and all cans are FULL. $138 per can of Frontier.

Model of the day

This one built by Craig Stansfield , really tripped my trigger! It looks so RIGHT even if the wheels don't touch in the front (insert teasing smile). The one photo in black and white I had to look at it closely to see if it was a model or ? This is the kind of work I like to see though. Anyone can build a model, but to build outside the box is the best part!

Enough bikes for now..

Let's look at photo of the Lunar Eclipse that CNN never showed! :-(

Bicycles? the repair shop

As mentioned we bought a house that had two "out buildings". This photo shows the inside of the shop. It may look small? Funny story...I used to go to another bike shop in which the owner was a BARBER on the side. I got my hair cut and everytime he would try to get information out of me as to why nobody is buying his BMX bikes? He had NO IDEA I was the guy making all the money HAHA! He eventually stopped selling BMX and closed his shop. You don't see everything in this photo, but I like it because it shows the double headed Park stand. On the stand is my old Hoffman Condor and to the left side of it is a Redline Double X. I later built a HOG of a SupaX, but no pics. There are some classic bikes in this photo also, all of which were either restored or in progress. Schwinn Breeze...remember those? OH and most importantly the shirt transfer with the name of my shop and Curt jumping a fire pit! Edward is my middle name if it is confusing you...NO I was not FAT. Phat "Pretty Hot And Tempting" hehe!

Bicycles? part 8

Ok aside the old school BMX stuff, I was into building Lowrider bikes too. Pictured is the first one back in 1994? Also pictured is a set of "Gangster Mufflers" I have sitting here. I will eventually build another bike. The 22" Hiawatha pictured is the victim if I ever get time.

Bicycles? part 7

This photo is of me on an old Mongoose racer I built. This is WAY before Walmart started carrying FAKE Mongooses. Yeah....if you bought a Mongoose or a Schwinn from bought GARBAGE.
Basement of old store was a minor attempt at starting a repair business. Didn't go over too well since customers had to carry their bikes down stairs. I added a pool table and an R/C track later on to play around away from everyone, you know.....PEACE AND QUIET. :-p

Bicycles? part 6

Previously, I mentioned a kid named Curt Bartels who boosted my business by spreading word. He was a great rider and we rode together almost everyday for a couple years. His dad brought him over to buy his first "pro" bike from me a Haro Dave Mirra. He slapped $350 in my hand for the slightly used bike and ever since then, he got better and better.....I still see him when we go to Chadron, NE for visits.
He loved to experiment if ya can't tell.
Jump photo was later on, he bought a different bike.

Bicycles? part 5

I can't remember the guys name now. I used to buy and trade with this dude that lived in Canada and he would send me photos of bikes he built. Here are his bikes....Psst, if you are him say something, it's been awhile! (few years)

Bicycles? part 4

Here are some others I sold on eBay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bicycles? part 3

I wish I had some finished photos of this one. By the time I built it, the wieght was 17 lbs. If you don't know it, that's about half the weight of a bike you buy at Walmart for example. Most everything was aluminum including the frame. I loved this thing cuz I could carry it one arm over my shoulder in areas I was not able to ride.
This also ended up a single speed 16:32 ratio. I made the chain tensioner myself and still have it. I will put a photo of that later.

Bicycles? part 2

What? You thought I was done? Pshhh....
Here are some original complete bikes and frames I sold on eBay.
These old suckers bring BIG bucks! Baby blue HUTCH Trick Star (complete) $750.00 , SE Quadangle (just frame) $900.00, Redline MXII (just frame)$925.00, Redline MXII in yellow (frame only) $600.00, Redline can't remember the series (frame and fork)$625.00, HUTCH Star (frame only) $500.00. Well that's it for this update.,Have some memories?


Ya know, though I skated for 17 years I also had bikes. For much of the time I used them for transportation before I could drive, but I could jump, ride wheelies and do some minor freestyling etc... It was not until about 1999, that I built myself a $1,200.00 bike. I wanted a top notch bike and I already had lots of experience building bikes. Well, I rode that sucker around a lot and kids started noticing it and would say how cool it was when I rode by them. Eventually a neighbor kid "Curt Bartels" came over to my garage while I was out there working on another bike. To make a very long story short, he spread the word to tons of other kids that rode BMX bikes that I had a high dollar bike and many others and tools.
What was my own obsession soon became a business. I was getting woke up at 8am on a Sunday with some guy and his kids bike wanting it repaired. Man before I knew it, I had two rows of new and used bikes in my garage at all times. I outgrew the whole thing as soon as I made my first large purchase. I bought 75 bikes , completely wiping a guy out that used to do the business years ago. I turned a lot of them over and some of them I stripped and tossed in the dumpster.
Back then eBay was still fairly new and I could buy large lots of new parts and mixed lots for little of nothing. I stocked shelves which I built in the garage and I still ran out of space.
In a year we moved into our second house which had a larger garage and two "out buildings". The largest of the two buildings I electrified, cleaned up and made it usable to build bikes in.
A close friend of mine was driving home one morning from another town and was killed by falling asleep at the wheel. He owned a large shop and had fancier tools and a 6foot quarter pipe ramp. Well, it was not my intention but I took care of his mom for a few months while she was mourning and she forced some stuff onto me and I bought some of the rest.
This totally blew up the business for me at the unfortunate event of my friend. I would much rather have him around than some tools and bikes. RIP Jessee Anthony.
So much more blah blah later...Hey I am just giving some background for the photos I am sharing.
Pink and Chrome bike is a Schwinn Predator Freeform that I restored. I bought the frame from another friend that I met on the internet and did a TON of buying from named Todd Evers. I built the bike because when I was in elementary school I would go buy a Freestyle BMX magazine and drool over all the tricked bikes in there and it was one of them! ACS 120psi tires can you believe that? More than a car! I can't remember the brand of rims, but I think they were ARAYA double wall.
The lavender and white bike is a Skyway StreetBeat. Can you imagine the looks I got riding this thing? I didn't care, I had fun riding around and doing old school flatland tricks on it. I sold this one on eBay for $350.00 and now it's owned by an ex-pro for Skyway named Marcos. The bike is not 100% original, but it had some of the cool parts kids wanted such as the TIOGA Crazy Chain, Hutch Seat Clamp, TIOGA Double Bars, ACS Rotor and more...still love this thing! Stay tuned for more bike stuff later.

I'm Lucky....

In more ways than one. I grew up without any grandfather's since my dad's father died when he was about 13 and my dad's mom died long ago, but i only met him when i was little and then again before he really did die a few years ago. So for me, I have never really had any older guys to look up to in my family since they either passed on before i could get close or meet them , or they lived too far away.
Several months ago, my Great Uncle Roger Lemay moved back to Omaha to be closer to family. I am really glad he did! Since he moved back here, my Mom has been happier and I have been able to spend some good time with him already.
So far we have went to the Apple Jack car show in Nebraska City, the Mid-West NNL in St. Joe, MO. and to Toledo NNL in Maumee, OH. All of these trips have been a blast! Roger is the biggest smart ass I know and's great! You see , in my family everyone is a smart ass. We all poke fun at each other , tell jokes and play pranks to get a laugh. This is the foundation of our family. We are all there for each other and always there to make each other smile..
Thanks for moving back home Roger! (photo shown *I told him I took it in black and white cuz he's old*) See? SMILE!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I moved!

For about a year and half, I had been in the basement....which was ok? I prefer smaller spaces because I can concentrate better and I might build more! The new spot in the spare bedroom which suits me fine.

Mid-West NNL 80s gangster shot

This was a fun photo and really represents what going to shows is all about. No matter what forum or club you are a member of, no matter what kind of models you build, it's the model building that brings us together.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nobody does it better

Than my brother in law Bob Dudek. You don't know what good quality machined model car parts are , until you have seen or owned some of his work. Bob's stuff is so nice, I have to use it in moderation because only "worthy" models will sport this kind of quality!
Where else will you find lake pipes with opening and closing shut offs? Hell the nuts are so small, they are hard to see!
Are those not the coolest looking Caddy Covers you have seen?
If you see this guy at a show near you....say hello to him!

Not that often.....

Do I see a model that gets my interest. I mean to the point that I want it, or that I have to study it closer than most. Now don't get me wrong, there was a lot of mean stuff on the tables in Toledo! Just something about this car, the hood suicide, white frosted flames on the grape paint or is it the extended fenders and frenched lights and exhaust coming out below? Not sure, but to me this car had all the right looks. It's very nice, clean and smooth with some attitude. I talked with the owner who's name is "H" and he is really enthusiastic let me tell ya! This was one of the FIRST 3 kustoms he ever built and they are all 3 beauties!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Omaha, Nebraska "The Big O"

I was born here and have always come back here, no matter what life brought before me. I love Omaha! There is plenty to do here and if you need something, there is ALWAYS a place to get it. Not to mention Omaha is the restaurant capitol, so you know damn well I eat good when I can afford the ticket!
One thing that trips me out is so many people think Omaha is a small town with corn and cattle everywhere HAHA! Duh....get a clue! Last time I checked , Omaha is 875,000 pop and growing. I have not seen a cow since the last time i traveled along highway 20 going west or any other time i "leave" Omaha. The photo shown is one of my favorites. Photo by Josh Warender which only represents "some" of downtown. The city extends about 300 and some blocks west and HELL IF I KNOW how many blocks north and south. If you get a chance, jump off the free way and visit! I always hear "one time I drove through Omaha and didn't see anything"....WTF? GET OFF THE INTERSTATE and try driving around for a few hours.

17 years of my life

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Bob Paeth has moved on

What a rough couple of weeks for myself and the rest of this hobby. I knew Bob Paeth personally for about 5 months. We met in Overland Park, KS at the Heartland Nationals. Bob came all the way from Oregon as an honorable guest. Some people walked by his table as if they had no idea who he was. When i heard he would be there, i made a point to see him and after we talked it was like we knew each other for years. I introduced him to many others that didn't know who he was and they were humbled by how nice Bob truely was. After the show, back home we emailed back and forth many times. I bought some of his art work/prints and helped him sell several more.
Bob touched the hearts of modelers around the globe and he will be sorely missed. There will never be another person like him.
Photos shown are taken by Bud Ellis a close friend of mine. (shaking hands)-pose for the camera. (me hunched over)-Bob is schooling me on welding plastic. (Dodge Revellion print)-one of the kits Bob was solely responsible for. It was his creation. Bob was responsible for 80 Revell kits.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Taking a look at some of the old videos offered up on YouTube, I just wanted to share some. I had seen these awhile back, but a question came up on the Model Cars Magazine forums about the AMT Thrill Drivers kits. "Where they real?" YEP!
Check them out from Dodge, Chevy and Ford. Chevy and Ford were "Thrilldrivers" on the Tournament of Thrills show. Dodge always has to be different ya they were the "Hell Drivers". I wonder why these shows are not done these days considering the amount of protection available? I will tell ya why..Because these days people don't want to SEE how durable a car is, they want to be TOLD how durable it is.


It's time to finish something up! I am not taking any of the builds finished to anymore shows this year. I don't show the same thing twice at any show. So....I am going to try and get this SOB done!
This is AMT's '25 Ford Model T chopped coupe from the old "Trophy series double kit". T'ain't no resin here!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Toy!

I have been wanting one of these '60 Buick Invicta's for a long time. Thanks to my buddy Chuck Darnell, we worked out a deal and got me one! I love 60's bodied cars for building mild kustoms.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Toledo NNL Maumee, OH

If you have not been to this show, then you are really missing out on a good time! The photo of all the guys is what it's ALL about. That's my sexy ass laying the ground :-p
Thanks to my Great Uncle Roger Lemay for taking our butts up there! We both had a great time that won't be forgotten!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Preach on....

I love listening to this guy in this video. It speaks so true , don't you agree?

Can't Explain It....

But since back in 2005 , when I was building this kustom '53 Stude/'57 Chevy and screwed up the paint job....I just cannot seem to stop starting MORE projects! It's like this car got the best of me or something? I put a LOT of hours into the body, making sure that there was not even a pin hole in the primer before i was ready to paint. Testors Enamel did it to me again. I really don't like that paint, it's sticky for TOO long and seems to "spit" through the nossil. I decided to give it a shot anyways and didn't work out so I stripped it and all the body work went to hell. Someday I do plan on finishing it. I just can't figure out how come this car made me lose the motivation to FINISH something I started? Maybe it's fear? I might be afraid to go to the finish line and screw up all over again. Hey, don't get me wrong since I have finished a lot of models since this disaster! But I bet I started twice as many as I finished.

Model Cars Kick Ass!

I really don't know what other hobby can bring together so many guys from around the world? I mean seriously! It's one thing to be a member of a forum and talk to tons of guys online about model cars and such, but when you go to shows you actually run into these guys! (depends on your area though). The true lovers of this hobby will go great distances for a chance to see some cool models, meet people and have a great time. This is only one of many instances that I have been able to meet another modeler from "across the internet". October 4th, my Great Uncle and I went to St. Joe, Missouri for the 2nd Annual NNL Mid-West show. I knew Steve Hinson would be coming from California, so I was looking forward to meeting him and see his cool ass models in person! Another thing about this meet , was the fact he is a member of my "Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale" forum.

This fact left opportunity too good to pass up! Grouped model photos from California to The Mid-West all on the same table!

Shown above are our cars representing the Tradition. (back row of 4 are Steve's & front row of 3 are mine) THANKS FOR COMING TO THE MID-WEST STEVE, I HOPE WE MEET AGAIN!