Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If they want it, they will be made

I had nothing to do with these shirts, but they are starting to appear and that's great! Ed Fluck is the man behind the project. Tom Cowles modeling his new shirt with pride. I plan to do some shirts with a different logo on black....so keep and eye peeled!

TRaK Members in Sweden!

I love my forum, everyone is so cool! Thanks for the great photo guys!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ready for TERROR?

I have this back on the bench. It's more than half done, so be on the watch for TERROR!

Friday, April 24, 2009

another 96 hours '32 Ford Vicky

I am bringing this one to life in 1/25 of course. There are bunches of old box art models in my on-going to do list. This is to be done in 96 hours or less. We have these builds on Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale (my forum) , in order to take a break from the more grooling builds. Quick and fun, that's the key! For those collectors information....This is being built from a fresh kit. Build them while you are alive, because when you are gone....what are they worth?
EDIT: and here it is all done! This was FUN to build!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Custom Rodder #1

Just love these old magazines!

Modelhaus' new Merc is tasty!

This was built by Tom Kren just recently and this has been teasing me! If you want the grille or the whole body, grille and hood...it can be done! www.modelhaus.com
The hubcaps are by Bob Dudek and if you are lucky enough to have a set, you will be like me and save them for something "worthy".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost a year

Since last NNL East and the meeting of TRaK members in Wayne, New Jersey. Last year at this time, the amount of members was much less and so it was even harder to spot other members at the NNL East. This year I am REALLY looking forward to some cool photos of TRaK members together and their models. This stuff makes my MONTH! A look back at last year....


If Revell had presented the latest issue like THIS, I would have wanted one badly! Now I have to hope I get lucky one day to buy the original just to build it RIGHT! from instructions submitted by Don Horneff.
Looks like I will wish in one hand and .... to get these too! 1/8 scale takes a lot of shelf space, but when they look this cool, I don't care! Long live old school!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My favorite 1/25 scale '49-'50 Cadillac's

Ted Lear

Steve Boutte

Irvin Arter

Mike Dube

I have to get one of these someday! Modelhaus resin kits and I think they are about $75.00. High priced, but they look great built!

I missed out

A little too late....Photo sent in by Bruce Sadewater

Who woulda thunk?

Yet today Testors and Model Masters paints can be bought with the same base! Dupli Color is also plastic friendly. Wouldn't it be cool to see AMT paints again? I would like to get my hands on some of them colors from back then. Sure you say...you can find them still in different brands...I say you can find a close one, but it's not going to look the same unfortunately. This scan sent in by Bruce Sadewater

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Altered Wheel Base will never die!

This is probably my favorite "looking" drag car. I just love them! Cool they re-released all of them accept for the Chevelle and Oldsmobile. The Barracuda I think?..was re-released as it was the Hemi Under Glass? This scan sent in by Bruce Sadewater

Friday, April 10, 2009

Car Craft August 1962

How cool is that? Budd Anderson is a name that comes to mind when you mention the early days of AMT and if ya hear someone say "The Kat"...that was him.
A real car magazine...modeling columns, model kit advertizing from Pactra, Revell & AMT. Not to mention several pages of how to's on slot car building and model car customizing.

Pactra had the lid on it for awhile didn't they?

Well have you?

Oh Boy!

I need to run to the local hobby shop and get the new issues!

Don't ya wish?

What if the companies still put this kind of effort into marketing? It would be oh so neat to go to the local hobby shop and buy parts packs with tires you want or engines and even motorcyles or chassis' like they used to do.

Scallops and Pinstripes....all over!

This is so lovely don't you agree? Unpainted bodies still looked great back then!

Nostalgia is bliss

Ahh wouldn't it be so cool to find an ad like this in a current issue of one of the great 1:1 car magazines? These ads used to run on the back cover of magazines like Car Craft, Rod & Custom and more! THIS my friends is what made modeling COOL! The cars were cool, the parts were cool and the whole idea behind it was COOL....Put the cool back into modeling for the general public.....please! (CLICK IMAGE TO SEE IT LARGE)

Hot Wheels Road Race


I saw this a couple years ago, but it's just too damn cool not to show!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember Seth Embrey

Seth was a good guy. He was too young to go. They say the best go home first. He was one of the best. I only knew him through my brother Scott, because they went to school together. I also knew him because he worked at a bike shop that I would frequent towards the end of my bike building. Seth was very polite and funny, everyone who had a chance to know him, loved him.
Seth had tumors removed more than once from his brain. The last time didn't go well. He will be missed. Rest In Peace. My condolences to his wife and family.
Seth Embrey
Embrey, Seth
Age 30
Waterloo, NE. Survived by wife and best friend Joey Embrey; parents Pat Raver of Mead, NE and Tom Embrey of Waterloo, NE; grandmother Shirley Krejci of Waterloo, NE; sisters Angie Rittenhouse of Waterloo, NE and Marcy Novotny and brother Nate Raver; Gathering with family Saturday 2-6pm at the funeral home. Memorial Service Monday 10am at Christ Community Church (404 S. 108 Ave). Private Interment. Memorials to the family.

Ron S.' '60 Merc

I was going through the archives on TRaK and ran across this baby. It's the reason I wanted a '60 vert to build in the first place! Before this I wanted a hardtop and I still do. This looks so clean and nice with that paint!

Monday, April 6, 2009

'60 Merc Vert going Mild!

A few months back a good friend of mine Randy Webster invited me over to his house. We looked at his models and he had this on his shelf. I was looking for one in a big way at the time. I commented on it and he said "pshh yeah I bought that at a yard sale for like a quarter"...I said "NO SHIT?"...He said yeah and when he could tell I had been wanting one....he said "you can have it if you want, it's not my style"...I didn't argue!
Well it's time to get this thing on the bench! It's swimming in the purple lake now. The WHOLE thing practically fell apart! The only thing glue was the roll bar and it came out easy....everyhing else was "put together" with NO glue! Man what a NICE gift! AMT '60 Mercury Parklane....not issued since 1960!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fresh paint and chop

Just got my Lime Gold '32 back from the shop. It's been chopped 4 inches and a fresh paint job! That guy in the back ground is very jealous don't you think?

'32 5W photoshopped

When I get spare time, I like to mess around with photos. I am not near as good as some guys, but it's fun....none the less! This is a 1/25 scale model in a PS'd Coker Tire ad. I built the model in less than two days, so don't expect a masterpiece haha!

NEW! HAMB logo for shirts!

Check this cool new logo that Ryan Cochran came up with for the new HAMB shirts! Check the Hokey Ass Message Board for more info and get you one!

A nice surprise!

I was taken by surprise when I checked my email today. I found that my model had been chosen for the home page honors on a yahoo group I belong to. I got a laugh out of the photo and it was neat to see! Model Cars Unlimited is a nice family oriented group on yahoo. The first time I ever got the honor was about 5 years ago and it was on the same group. Since then I have done it on my own groups, because I want others to feel good like it made me feel. :-) Thanks Al!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The videos are done!