Sunday, October 24, 2010

RIP Chris Thatcher

His name should have been "Chris Thrasher". My friend is gone. I just found out from my friend Guy T. on Facebook that "Thatch" died a month ago. I am really hurt that his life ended so quickly. I have known Chris for about 6 years. Guy T. introduced us at Guy's indoor skateboard park. We clicked right off. We both had love for skateboarding, punk and being smartasses. We had good times. I know that for a year we skated damn near everyday...that's 360ish days I spent with him for many hours on end. It was not just him and I....but we had our own small click. Chris was very talented. I am talking about a person who was an artist, skateboarder/thrasher, friend and so much more. Chris' work can be found on the bottom of skateboard decks, t-shirts, in art galleries, magazines etc.. He wasn't a small time wannabee. I feel lucky to have known him. Thatch was one of the last hardcore punk skaters out there and what he represented is exactly what I lived in my day. Live to skate, skate to live. (pic from his facebook) Thinking of you bro.

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