Monday, January 25, 2010

AMT Double Dragster

There is a lot of hooplah over the new release by Round2. The kit is being issued in two fashions and has created a lot of chit chat on the messages boards.
One is issued in a tin box with the silent box art and the other is in a cardboard box. The difference in the two kits that stands out the most are as follows..
The "tin boxed" kit has all the goodies. The tin box version has a small poster that features all panels of the box art, 3 sets of windows-one is green tinted, red tinted and clear, 2 pairs of Racemaster slicks-one pair has a whitewall and the other has the lettering only(lettering is pad printed white), an extra chrome tree and two decal sheet/versions from two previous releases.
I don't know if both cardboard and tin boxed kits have the same decals. The cardboard boxed kit has pretty much all the same other than the slicks do not have pad printed whitewalls or lettering, only comes with the clear glass and no extra chrome tree. The difference in price? Well, that's going to depend on where you find yours. The going rate seems to be around $36.99 for the Tin version and the cardboard is not released just yet. I prefer the tin version since all the goodies is one of the best things they have done to this kit.
With all this being said, this kit has been on a lot of modeler's minds while waiting for the release. This sparked a build off on "Traditional Rod and Kustom in scale" forum. (yes vintage drag models are more than welcome!)
I am building the "BluePrinter" version which I believe to be the last time it was released back more than 10 years ago. The first releases were molded in red with chrome trees and the BluePrinter was molded in light gray. I think the new tin and cardboard versions are in white.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Just got mine last week (tin version) nice I have yet to break the seal,might buy another one,LOL!


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